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Ithmb Converter [Full Version] emitak




 . . . You can download free software trial of iThmb Converter without limitation. It is freely distributed and you can try before you buy. The iThmb Converter is a software application that can be used to convert mobile videos to iPad supported format. Download iThmb Converter for iPad or iPhone Video Converter Did you ever watch a video that you really like on your iPhone or iPad but you just couldn’t find a way to watch it on your TV? If you are an iPad or iPhone user, you probably had this kind of problem when you are traveling. There are a lot of reasons why people watch videos on their mobile devices instead of a TV, such as: Lack of large screen size. Mobile devices are often smaller in size compared to TVs, especially for iPad or iPhone users. Limited viewing angle and illumination. The technology used in TVs are significantly better than mobile devices. Therefore, mobile devices cannot provide the same picture quality as a TV. Lack of suitable viewing location. Although some TV screens are built-in in cars, some are built-in in specific locations, like a bedroom or the living room. Are you ever heard about iThmb Converter software? It is a program that can convert videos to iPad supported formats. This is perfect to watch your iPad videos wherever you want. iThmb Converter enables you to download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion, MetaTube, and other video sharing websites. You can watch them offline on your iPad. In addition, you can convert videos to formats supported by iOS devices. These formats include the H.264, H.265, MOV, MP4, and AAC. iThmb Converter is compatible with iOS 10 or later, so you can download it on your iPad and iPhone (6 or later) without any problem. iThmb Converter Key Features Convert videos to iPad supported format Download videos to iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch Support a wide range of video file formats, including H.264, H.265, MOV, MP4, and AAC Support iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch Record video from iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch Allow you to re-encode videos into a higher quality format Download videos to MP4 format Flexible settings for output profile Download




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Ithmb Converter [Full Version] emitak

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